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Garrett Middaugh

Art Direction > Publishing

Technical Illustration > Photography

I worked for 20 years in the field of visual communications, as production artist, print specialist, graphic designer, technical illustrator, photographer, and served for many years as art director for the marketing department of Dril-Quip, Inc., a major oilfield equipment supplier, with manufacturing facilities in the United States, Scotland and Brazil, and worldwide sales and service offices.

Dril-Quip annual reports:
covers and excerpts

At Dril-Quip I designed and published each year’s annual report. Below are selected examples of my work.

catalog branding

I supervised a team of artists (designer, illustrator, multi-media specialist and 3D animator) for the design and production of Dril-Quip’s collateral literature. One major project was an update of the company’s branding identity for its publications

catalogs (excerpts)

For the company’s catalogs I and my team created technical and 3D illustrations and created a comprehensive photo library of products in manufacturing and in the field. I personally visited offshore drilling rigs in the Gulf and traveled to England and Scotland for photo shoots of product installations. You can see examples of the results below:

technical illustration

During my tenure at Dril-Quip I created hundreds of technical illustrations using Adobe Illustrator, some examples of which I’ve included here:

examples of ability

The following works were either created for a previous employer or illustrations I created simply for practice in Illustrator. They were created strictly from observation; no photographs were used, no tracing involved.